We believe in a fair world!

creating health accesible for the less fortunate


The Wu Project

The Wu Project Inc. aims to bring safe and effective Chinese traditional health care to medically underserved communities in remote rural regions of the globe by providing free education and training in Chinese traditional healthcare and related modalities.
We are a diverse set of individuals who donate their time and skills. We train through different modalities teaching new skills and tools to health promoters. Where there is a lack or absence of trained health care providers, the Wu Project, Inc. works with caring and intelligent individuals who are willing and available to be trained. Training is provided without charge to all partner locations.

— Our Mission

The Wu Project is a non-profit organization focusing on aiding medically underserved communities through education.

— Our Vision

We believe that access to safe and effective health care is a basic, unalienable human right and not the privilege of a select minority.

— Our Story

In order to expand the communities the Wu Project serves, it is necessary to identify funding sources to help us bring decent, effective health care to impoverished, neglected, remote, rural and urban communities across the globe.