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We believe that access to safe and effective health care is not a privilege but a basic, inalienable human right

The Wu Project Inc. aims to bring safe and effective Chinese Traditional Medicine practices to medically underserved communities in remote rural regions of the globe by providing free education and training in the Barefoot Chinese Medicine system and related modalities of natural medicine.



Utilizing a “barefoot acupuncture model” the Wu Project aims to teach local health care providers to lay health care workers, nurses, homeopaths, Ayurvedic doctors and conventional medical doctors in the principles and practices of Chinese traditional medicine and related modalities as complement their previous training. The Wu Project, Inc. works in advance with local leaders to assess the health needs, identify an appropriate cohort of health care providers and a suitable location to set up the temporary health training camp.

The Wu Project, Inc. provides necessary supplies Once the training camp is over, assists local health care providers in securing a reliable supply of essential material and equipment necessary to maintain continuity of services . By training local professionals and health care workers, The Wu Project, Inc. seeks to enable these remote communities to construct and develop their own self-sustaining health care institutions.

  • Acupuncture, Moxibustion, Cupping, Gua sha, Acupressure, Tui Na, Qigong, Diet & Nutrition
  • Acutonics & additional Sound Healing tools.
  • Breath Work (yogic pranayama, abdominal breathing)
  • Education in preventive health practices.
  • Record keeping: accurate documentation of health history, assessments and treatments

The Wu Project, Inc. chooses to work primarily in poor, underserved communities in remote locations.  Ideally, clinics will be established mid-sized villages with some rudimentary health care services already in place.  Such villages are economic hubs for smaller nearby villages. This allows the clinic to efficiently serve the greatest number. The Wu Project team builds upon existing health care facilities or the event that there are none,  will teach locals how to establish both fixed and mobile (to extend community outreach) health camps and provide the necessary resources.

The Wu Project uses a pre- and post- evaluation process for ongoing assessment of its programs. Wu Project team leaders test to determine what participants learned as well as participant satisfaction with the training. This process facilitates a continuous process of development and improvement of the curriculum.

Two master trainers, who have the capacity to teach 4 to 15 trainees, leading these expeditions. During the 10 day period, approximately 150 patients will receive health care services provided by trainers and trainees.



— We Find, Fund & Train

The Wu Project connects to communities with deficient health care structure that can benefit from our trainings. We raise the necessary funds. We travel with our team and train local health promoters.


— We Build Teams

The Wu Project works in advance with volunteers and local leaders to assess the health needs, identify an appropriate group of health care providers and the right site to set up the temporary health training camp.


— We Train & Teach

The Wu Project  aids through education. We train lay people, health care workers, nurses, midwives, massage therapists, homeopaths, and conventional medical doctors, among others, in the principles and practices of Chinese traditional medicine and related modalities in a Barefoot doctor model.


— We Improve Health

The individuals trained under the Wu Project curriculum become health promoters. Using our proven, non invasive, simple and effective healthcare model, they improve their community’s health.


— We Provide Care

The Wu Project advises and assists in the process of establishing a system of local public clinics, run by the trained health care promoters, dedicated to serve the communities.


— We Give Support

The Wu Project offers continuous support after the basic training is over. We organize advanced courses to follow up the basic trainings and invite former students to participate in new trainings. We continue providing medical supplies to the health promoters.


Support us and change the course of a underserved communities’s life today!