Kathmandu, NEPAL

March 2015

We added treatment protocols to improve the existent health care system.


  1. Continue providing our trainees with professional and clinical advice.
  2. Follow up the previous training, this time emphasizing PTSD protocols.
  3. Oversee the newly established centers.
  4. Deliver donated materials and supplies.

The Wu Project Team


María Rosa Romero AP
A.P. , Dipl. OM
Miami Beach, FL
Ph 305-308-6204

Maria R. Romero funded her own trip and expenses, including airfare, travel insurance,additional luggage fees, airport transfers, hotels and most meals in Kathmandu.


 In summary, we trained them in the use of acupuncture needles, guasha, cupping, tuning forks, moxa, massage, acupressure, blood pressure taking, wound healing care, herb formula usage.

Partners in Nepal


Dr. Ruchi Saxena and Dr Pradeep Dhaka with the Chetanalaya Institute for Humanity, Peace and Spirituality, Dr. Krishna Dhagal, Dr. Pema Butti.
Chhampi village, Lalipur District: Chetanalaya Institute, Dr Rushi Saxena and Dr PradeepDhaka
Talamarang village, Sindhupalchok District. Team Nepal and Dr Melanie Hennessy.

Logistics of the trip

Of the trip and areas of work.

Kathmandu & Lalitpur district

Chetanalaya Institute provided the logistics, locations, lunches, snacks and transportation for:

  • The Community Trauma Healing Camp and the clinic set  up in Mandikhatar, Kathmandu.
  • Dristi Nepal, Rights to Existence.
  • A women rehabilitation center in Hattigauda, Kathmandu
  • Community Services Health Camp at the village of Chhampi, Lalitpur
  • District. Bagmati Zone.
  • The visit to the Prime Minister of Nepal Sushil Koirala.

Talamarang, Sindhupalchock District

Team Nepal provided room and all meals, arranged local public transportation to reach the place and the location for the Clinic and Health Camp.

the_wu project project location in Nepal


We asked for and received donations in the form of money, acupuncture needles, moxa, herbs, Bach flowers essences,homeopathic remedies, guasha tools, Emotional Ease Orion Herbs, childrens’ and adults’ multivitamins and other supplies from our local community. No corporate donations.

The Wu Project second Mission in Kathmandu, NEPAL 2015


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