Santa Cruz del Quiché

Department of el Quiché, GUATEMALA

August 2015

The overall response was highly positive.


Training health promoters in barefoot acupuncture and related Chinese Medicine modalities in rural areas and underserved communities in the Department of el Quiché -mostly populated by indigenous Mayan and located about 100 kms from the capital Guatemala City-


Training 20 health local promoters


7 days

The Wu Project Team


Acupuncturists Maria Romero and Dr Alicia Villamarin


General Help : Richard Newman and Oliver Newman .


Cristina de la Concha


We received a total of $6,000 cash donations through a social media campaign

We received material donations from acupuncture suppliers in form of ear seeds, needles, cups, and moxa from Asia Med, Acumarket and Lhasa-Om plus a few from private donors -We received 20 sets of Om tuning forks from the Acutonics Community.


Program Goal

  • Train over a period of 7 days an estimated 20 health promoters in the basic Wu Project Curriculum
  • To identify a possible site for a permanent clinic where our trainees could treat the local population
  • To supply each of the trainees chinese medical supplies for at least 100 treatments

Partners in Guatemala

Walter Thomas Mendoza Cholotio, Shaman and Carlos Mendoza, social worker.

Logistics of the trip

nternational travel arrangements were done by the Wu Project participants. The volunteers were responsible to cover their own expenses. ALL participants were required to purchase an international insurance.

Local travel arrangements were done mainly by the our Guatemalan coordinators :

  • Carlos Mendoza
  • Shaman Walter Thomas Mendoza.
They were also in charge of choosing the location for the training as well as the selection of trainees and the promotion of the student clinic in the community .     

The Wu Project Guatemala Mission

The Wu Project sent a Memo of Understanding (as agreed from last Mission in Nepal) through which the Guatemalan team was informed of our program and intentions. They agreed and choose the participants.

The Wu Project received a list of participants and a proposed detailed daily program for the training. The Wu Project agreed with the proposal and planned the trip accordingly.

The Wu Project first Mission in Santa Cruz del Quiché, Guatemala 2015


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