To offer a self-care class to a group of women living in an isolated area of the Sinai peninsula in Egypt.


2 days: One introductory class and 1 day of clinic and treatment.

The Wu Project Team


Rosa Romero, Alicia Villamarin and Irit Lerner.

Partners in Egypt

Womad Project. We partnered with a women’s association that has been long established. It serves women in areas such as education and training on artisan’s business development.



In 2018 we were asked if The Wu Project Team would consider traveling to the Sinai Peninsula to work with the local women. In January 2019 the opportunity presented itself and the Wu Team made its way there. We were accompanied by our good friend and collaborator Irit Lerner. Irit had made the introductions and the preparations for the Wu Team (Maria Rosa Romero and Alicia Villamarin) to visit the area and talk to the women’s organization’s leader, Ms Lorena to assess their needs. We had a very educational talk with the organizers regarding local culture and rules of engagement. This was proven very useful; we did not want to offend due to ignorance of local culture. We had a well-attended 3 hour class during which, with the help of a translator, we could communicate and learn about the health concerns of the women and address them. It is important to note that at the beginning of the reunion, the participating women were reluctant to talk or participate. They arrived fully covered in their traditional garb and would not relax, but as the time passed, they started to open up and participate, they also felt comfortable enough with us to start shedding some of the coverings (gloves, double head scarves) and we all ended up dancing! To our host’s surprise and delight, the women asked if we could continue working with them. They invited us to a private home the next day to continue. That part of the class was all dedicated to treatments and teaching self-care techniques. The word had spread, and we had a steady stream of women and children that wanted to be treated for different conditions.

This mission is the perfect example of how The Wu Project adapts to the many different circumstances of life.

The Wu Project Egypt, 2019 Photo Gallery


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