Concepción, La Chiquitania


August 2018

Despite all the difficulties that appeared, the training was a success


To train a group of 30 health promoters in barefoot acupuncture, related Chinese and natural Medicine curriculum. The training took place in the centrally located Chiquitania town of Concepcion in the tropical savanna region of the Santa Cruz Department in Bolivia.


10 days

The Wu Project Team


Acupuncture Physicians
Maria Rosa Romero
Alicia Villamarin


Marcela Lucena, acupuncturist, nutritionist. Eduardo Borges Videographer 

Dr. John Fernando MD, Acupuncture, Physician
Fatima Cuellar

Partners in Bolivia

Latin Angels foundation, her founder and president Rosita Hurtado and producer Carlos Pardo, provided invaluable help with logistics and Organization of the training. The mayor and town council of the town of Concepcion supported us in every step of the way providing the Wu Team with accommodations, meals, space for the training, photocopies, and above all, a genuine hospitality.


Lhasa Om, Acumarket, individual donations and Latin Angels Foundation.

Logistics of the trip

Latin Angels Foundation coordinated with the local group and financed the trip.


The mission in Concepcion resulted in the training of 38 health promoters. The participants included a large amount of traditional healers that actively participated and appreciated the new skills that they could incorporate into their practice. Some participants with no previous experience in the healing world discovered a new vision of physical, emotional and spiritual health and embraced it. Also some trainees consisted of conventional medicine practitioners: medical doctors, nurses, physical therapists, psychologists The ages of the students ranged from 20 to 80 years old. The formal education levels also widely ranged from the highly educated medical doctors and psychologist to illiterate. They too appreciated the value of the new skills learned and were looking forward to apply them with their patients.  The traditional healing modalities of the participants also were varied; most were knowledgeable in local plants which they used orally and topically.  Others were skilled in body work, bone setting and therapeutic massage. We encouraged the healers to present their style to the rest of the class and helped them incorporate the new techniques into their practice.That wide range in backgrounds and ages is a constant in our trainings. For us it is not a challenge or an obstacle but a enrichment for all participants including us, The Wu Project Team

Lessons from the Field

This was the first time that The Wu Project partnered with another organization in the funding and strategy. It was a learning experience where we needed to use our always essential mantra “Om Flexi Om”. In spite, or, because of the good handling of the difficulties that appeared, the training was a success.

As  mean for communicating and supporting the students. We found the app What’s app very convenient. We formed a “chat group” and signed up those that had proper telephones before we finished the class. We have been in constant communication with them. Through the chat, we have been able to discuss clinical cases and give them advice. The chat has also serve as a link between this newly formed community of healers. We will implement that strategy in our next trainings.

The commitment of the students was palpable when only 5 days after the end of the class they got together to treat each other and share knowledge. They also started a FREE treatment day for the community. During that day, the students took turns to provide free treatments to the people of the town and surrounding areas.

The Wu Project second Mission in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia 2018 Photo Gallery


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