Quetzaltenango phase 1

Quetzaltenango, Guatemala

March 2019



To train a group of 18 health promoters in barefoot acupuncture, related Chinese and natural Medicine curriculum.


10 days

The Wu Project Team


Acupuncture Physicians Maria Rosa Romero, Alicia Villamarin


Matt Wetcher and Guste

Local Coordinator

Angelica Lopez

mapa Quetzaltenango, Guatemala PHASE 2, NOVEMBER 2019 (1)-01


Lhasa Om, Acumarket, and individual donations.


We trained 16 students in this first phase of the program. The local coordinator, Angelica Lopez, met us in 2018, in the phase 3 of the program in Santa Cruz del Quiche. She had asked to participate in the class to see if our program could be a good fit for the group of people that she had in mind. After the class, Angelica asked if we would work with her group in the city of Quetzaltenango, commonly known by the Mayan name Xela. The group were all women, and all but 2 were traditional midwives. This training was aimed to teach this group of health workers more skills to add to their own. For the first time we were openly confronted by one of the participants, the leader of the Indigenous Midwives Association, on the issue of foreign NGOs coming into their lives and not following up on what was promised. She did not trust us. We simply responded that she should give us a chance and judge us for our actions and no other people’s. By the second day all animosity was erased, instead we had camaraderie, laughter and interest in all we had to offer. The students realized that what they were learning was valuable to their work, they were ready to expand their scope. The student clinic worked well and they were able to integrate the theory with the practice.

The Wu Project, Quetzaltenango PHASE 1, Photo Gallery


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