the Pojoaque Indian Nation

This is the first time that The Wu Project embarks in a project in US soil. We were very excited about working with the Pojoaque.

The planning was arduous, almost two years of talks, meetings and knocking at people’s doors. The Pueblos of New Mexico had been hit hard by the Pandemic and life and plans had been thoroughly disrupted. When we finally had access to people interested in our program, we had to go through delivering in-person presentations about who we were and what the program involved, even give a thorough lecture -with demonstrations of the modalities that we were planning on teaching-, to the Pojoaque tribal members in a Tribal Council Meeting.

In that Tribal meeting, the entire tribe voted unanimously to approve the program. We had everyone approval which was highly auspicious! We were impressed by the seriousness and attention with which the tribal council examined our program to make sure it was good for their community..

We had to make changes in the way we teach the curriculum. We adapted it for the new audience. Instead of our usual 3 phases of approximately 1 week each, we distributed the curriculum into 5 months, one weekend a month, to make sure that people could attend the program. We also introduced a 3 hour Self Care class with more simplified techniques. We also added a special class dedicated to Addictions. Overall, we revamped and adapted the curriculum for the population that we serve. We thought we would have an easier time getting volunteers since it was in the USA but, Santa Fe, New Mexico is a hard city to get to! 

We realized we had to relay on local volunteers that would not have to spend that much money nor time. The Pojoaque tribe has been exceptional providing lodgings discounts and a classroom in the Buffalo Thunder Resort and Casino, definitely the most luxurious space we have ever been to for a project! The group of students, although smaller than what was anticipated, are deeply involved, attentive and willing to learn. They have been absorbing the teachings and applying them in their lives. A beautiful community of healers is emerging! The program is still going on. We started in February, and it will finish in June. More on the program in June!

The Wu Project Pojoaque, Photo Gallery


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